Top 5 Mouse Only Games To Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2016

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Hello Ability Powered Gamers! It’s that time again! The time of year when your wallet better run and hide. It’s time for the purge! The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is here and it is wrecking wallets everywhere! So if you’re a mouse only gamer wondering if you should get in on some of these sweet prices without the fear of having a game that isn’t friendly to mouse only gamers, fear not!  Here’s my list of the Top 5 Mouse Only Games To Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2016!


Turbo Pug


You guys know I have a guilty pleasure of playing quick little casual games while I am playing other games. Like if I am waiting for my World of Warcraft game to start, I like to be playing something to occupy the time. Turbo Pug is definitely a go to!  You play Turbo Pug with 1 button! You left click to jump and that is it!  Your pug automatically runs through the stage and it’s your job to help him jump over things that will kill him. You do have to quickly click occasionally. You can check it out here: Turbo Pug


Rollers of the Realm


Rollers of the Realm logo

I can’t explain how great and what a surprise this game was. I have been burned by so many pinball games. “Press A and L” Are you kidding me?!?  I can’t simultaneously press 2 onscreen keyboard buttons! I picked up Rollers of the Realm since a pinball RPG was way too interesting to pass up. I started checking out options (video coming soon) and I was floored! Fully remappable? FINALLY a developer that gets it! I have spent hours in this game and can’t praise it enough! Check it out here: Rollers of the Realm


Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardian



A mouse only platformer. Sold? I was! Beatbuddy is an adorable game where you swim your way through levels. You play with 2 mouse buttons! It’s the first platformer I had played in forever and I am impressed at how well you can do with just a mouse.Check Out Beatbuddy here: Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians


Darkest Dungeon


This game is hard. This game is brutal. This game is unbelievably mouse only friendly! I could sit here and tell you all about how accessible it is, but I already have! Here is my full report! You can check out the game on steam at: Darkest Dungeon 


Don’t Starve



Oh Don’t Starve, how I love thee. Let me count the ways. I love thee click to move. I love thee mouse only combat, crafting, building, and well everything! It doesn’t matter if you want Don’t Starve and expansions, Don’t Starve Together, or Don’t Starve Shipwrecked they are all super mouse only friendly. They also let you make the game as easy or hard as you want since you can customize the worlds! Check out Don’t Starve here: Don’t Starve 


Gnome in WheelchairThere are my Top 5 Mouse Only Games To Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2016, what are some of your suggestions? Leave me a comment below and let me hear your suggestions! What are youpicking up during the sale?

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