Opening Our Doors

Image shows a World of Warcraft guild photo


Hello Ability Powered Gamers! Many moons ago my World of Warcraft guild closed its doors to new recruits. In our ranks was a notable YouTube personality and the craziness that ensues when fans join just to be near them… became problematic. Their privacy was invaded and it’s just unhealthy for a guild. I tried screening people so Ability Powered people might find a home with us but in the end the anonymity of the internet made it impossible. So recruitment closed,


That person is no longer with my guild and I think it’s safe to reopen our doors. What does my guild offer? We understand everyone plays differently. You can play as casual or actively as you want. We use guild chat as our main form of communication outside of raiding, so gamers with hearing impairments aren’t excluded. We have advice on addons to help make wow more accessible. Most importantly, everyone is respected.


On the raiding scene we are Heroic level raiders and have always cleared content while it is current. We do use Ventrilo but understand not everyone can. Hearing impaired raiders are welcome and will have assignments typed in /i. We also call all markers by shape for our colorblind raiders… We stack on square, not blue!  As I said before, we know our addons! If someone is struggling with a mechanic, we try to find a way to fix the problem. You just have to let us know! While all raiders will need to meet certain benchmarks to make sure the team is successful, we will try to put members in situations where they can meet those marks. We can’t carry raiders, but we can try our best to help everyone succeed.


We were founded in 2007 and were our realms Realm First Level 25 guild.  We do goofy things occasionally and do wipe on trash.  We aren’t Pro, but we are nice. Mainly, it’s the easiest way to contact me for help with Azeroth accessibility!


Gnome in WheelchairSo if you are an Ability Powered gamer or a fan that wants to help keep Azeroth for everyone and need a home in Azeroth contact me! A good attitude and rated G guild chat are our only requirements (we have kids in guild, and yes they can see bad things in other chats… but it won’t be ours!). We would love to have you in Legion!

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