Expansions and Progressive Diseases

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! Let’s talk about expansions. Most of you guys know I spend the majority of my time in one place. Azeroth. I have been playing World of Warcraft for almost 10 years now and during my time in Azeroth I have seen many expansions come and go. I was there through Zombie invasions, battling elementals, and I have spent my fair share of evenings in Karazhan. An expansion always brings new things to see and opens your eyes to new adventure. Legion has been no exception.


Everyone is discovering new lands, dungeons, and features.  Getting your artifact opens your eyes to new powers. For me, it’s been different discoveries. Expansions come out about every 2 years which can be a pretty big span of time in the world of progressive disabilities. I started playing during Burning Crusade so Wrath was my first expansion launch. We rushed to Northrend and hit the content hard: questing, dungeons and exploring. Soon the guild started seeing level 80s. I was number 5. The 5th we needed for dungeons. Cataclysm, MoP, and WoD I was progressively falling behind a little every expansion but always within the top 10. The raid team marker. This time I wasn’t.


I started Legion in Highmountain. I decided I was dedicating the day to leveling. I started a few hubs of quests and after an hour or so I noticed my arm was tired. I thought, eh no big deal. I mean I was doing lots of clicking, it’s expected.  I kept going. Another quest hub and even moving my mouse was becoming harder.  My poor druid was having to stand around in dangerous areas where mobs were rapidly respawning while I sat there to rest. Thankfully group tagging in Legion saved her a few times. I eventually finished the quests, made my way back to turn them in and did what any druid with hurt pride could do.  I fished!



Fishing gives one lots of time to think. If I am getting tired just questing, can I complete my dungeons? I mean, I am a healer, I can’t slack in a dungeon. What about raiding, I have had at least 1 boss I really struggled with for 2 expansions. Is this going to be the expansion I have to hang up my tier? While everyone else was discovering new zones, I was discovering how much my Spinal Muscular Atrophy had changed in 2 years. You don’t really notice any changes day to day, but comparing expansion to expansion, 2 year periods, it is pretty apparent.


I don’t put this all out there to be a downer (I think we have had enough sad stories in Legion, right?) but because I know I’m not alone. I know people who are struggling with their own progression and game changes that are amplifying changes even more. If you are having problems in Azeroth, you aren’t alone. I understand how a new expansion can point out how things have changed in 2 years. I know it is borderline terrifying to start questioning your future in Azeroth.




I also write this because thinking and fishing aren’t always a bad thing. I made some more realizations between casts.  This expansion is bringing new adventures for everyone, but even more so for me. It’s not the end of my adventure, it’s a more profound start.  I am still going to complete my dungeons, I will just have to make sure I run with a group that doesn’t Leeroy Jenkins and make me have to be superman healing. I am still going to raid, I am just going to have to really analyze mechanics and how to outsmart them. I am still going to quest and explore, I am just going to be spending a little less time keeping up with my own expectations of what I “Should” be doing and keep up with my personal pace instead.


Gnome in Wheelchair

So Ability Powered gamers, I hope if you are struggling with changes, you take a moment to find a bank and cast your line to think about your own adventure. I hope you remember that an adventure can come in any shape. This expansion may be like a raid boss: We may each use different strategies to get through it. We may go at a slower pace. We may even wipe a few times, but we will get up, rebuff, and adjust strategies. We are a team and you are not alone. .

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