Expansions and Progressive Diseases

Better late than never! I just earned the [Level 110] Achievement! #Warcraft pic.twitter.com/ANP3WsAi3b — Short (@AbilityPowered) September 5, 2016 Hello Ability Powered Gamers! Let’s talk about expansions. Most of you guys know I spend the majority of my time in one place. Azeroth. I have been playing World of Warcraft … Continue reading

Top 5 Mouse Only Games To Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2016

  Hello Ability Powered Gamers! It’s that time again! The time of year when your wallet better run and hide. It’s time for the purge! The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is here and it is wrecking wallets everywhere! So if you’re a mouse only gamer wondering if you should get … Continue reading

This Week at Ability Powered

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! It’s been a busy week here at Ability Powered ! I’ve had some great collaborations with a lot of friends. If you missed updates on Twitter and Facebook, here’s what we’ve been up to this week! Retro Sensei Podcast Episode 6: http://retrosensei.libsyn.com/ep-6-random-stuff Warcraft 3 with Feavered … Continue reading

The Price of Accessibility

Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that is becoming more and more apparent to me as an Ability Powered Gamer:  The price of accessibility.  We live in a time where computers are everywhere and used for everything from surfing the Internet, working … Continue reading

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