Oversized Bobber adds Accessibility to Azeroth for many Disabled Gamers

Hello Ability Powered gamers! We have been adventuring through the new Legion Alpha and discovered something that will make may of you guys happy. It’s called an Oversized Bobber. What does it do? The oversized bobber is an item that increases the size of your bobber dramatically. It’s actually bigger … Continue reading

How I Play Warcraft

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! Today I’m sharing with you guys a little more than I have been totally comfortable with, but I think it’s for the best. When I post guides or tips I naturally get alot of people asking why I don’t just get a gaming mouse and keybind … Continue reading

Spin Me Right Round – A Move Pad Plea

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! I felt like I needed to write a post about something near and dear to my heart… World of Warcraft’s Move Pad. If you follow me on Twitter you’ve probably seen me tweeting @WarcraftDevs every week asking about the same thing. .. rotate buttons being added … Continue reading

Short Raid Notes: Blackrock Foundry – Gruul (Heroic)

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  We are heading into Blackrock Foundry to check out the first boss depending on which wing your raid team is heading to.  Gruul!  The video above was filmed while we were in heroic mode, but the strategy is the same in normal as well.  This is … Continue reading

Warcraft 6.1 Colorblind Options Revamp

  Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  World of Warcraft patch 6.1 brought an exciting change for colorblind users.  The colorblind accessibility system has once again been changed in hopes of being more functional for members of the community who need more detailed controls.   Colorblind controls are now even easier to … Continue reading

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