Switch N Shoot – Options For Accessibility

Access options by clicking or pressing a button. This game can be played with 1 button which is perfect for switch users!   Options: You can change the color of each aspect of the game in this menu.   Also has standard options for volume.   Have more questions?  Ask … Continue reading

Finding Paradise – Options For Accessibility

  Game starts Fullscreen and has no options on the main screen. You can force window mode by pressing Alt+Enter. It can NOT be done with Onscreen Keyboard.     Options:   Right Clicking opens this menu for saving, items, ect. THERE ARE NO OPTIONS!

Assistive Technology – Gaming With Your Chin

  Hello Ability Powered gamers!  Today I would like to talk to you about my latest assistive technology setup that helps me play games such as first person shooters, minecraft, and many other games that were previously unavailable to me since I play with onscreen keyboard.  With this current setup … Continue reading

Ability Powered Gamer Spotlight: Pro-Able

I recently had the pleasure of meeting another Ability Powered Gamer who emailed me with a ton of really fantastic resources to share with you guys. I would like to introduce you to Pro-Able. Pro-Able is a Warcraft gamer from Spain who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. She made a video … Continue reading

How I Play Warcraft

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! Today I’m sharing with you guys a little more than I have been totally comfortable with, but I think it’s for the best. When I post guides or tips I naturally get alot of people asking why I don’t just get a gaming mouse and keybind … Continue reading

Dasher – Text Entry Interface

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! I wanted to write a post about a new onscreen keyboard I’m checking out called Dasher. Dasher works completely different than other onscreen keyboards by letting the letters come to you. It’s actually referred to as text entry interface. There’s really no way to describe how … Continue reading

The Price of Accessibility

Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that is becoming more and more apparent to me as an Ability Powered Gamer:  The price of accessibility.  We live in a time where computers are everywhere and used for everything from surfing the Internet, working … Continue reading

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