Top 5 Mouse Only Games To Buy During Steam Summer Sale 2016

  Hello Ability Powered Gamers! It’s that time again! The time of year when your wallet better run and hide. It’s time for the purge! The Steam Summer Sale 2016 is here and it is wrecking wallets everywhere! So if you’re a mouse only gamer wondering if you should get … Continue reading

Accessibility First Look: Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! This week we are checking out a fun steam game perfect for October called Zombie Bowl-O-Rama It starts in fullscreen mode but can easily be switched to windowed mode for quick access to your desktop. Mouse-only gamers should have an easy time since the game can … Continue reading

Five Nights at Freddy’s Accessibility First Look

Hello Ability Powered Gamers! This weeks accessibility first look is a game that has terrorized thousands of gamers since it’s release. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2! Is it accessible though? Let’s take a look! Five Nights at Freddy’s is a jump scare game which is hugely popular within the independent … Continue reading

Accessibility First Look: Don’t Starve Together

  Hello Ability Powered gamers! The Ability Powered team has been taking a look at Klei’s multiplayer masterpiece Don’t Starve Together. From the point of a mouse only gamer, this game has been absolutely amazing. It starts in full screen mode but can quickly be changed to windowed mode so … Continue reading

Give Kids the World Fundraiser May 1st & 2nd

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  Tomorrow is the big day!  Tomorrow YOU can help us make magic!  We will be streaming to raise money for Give Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, Florida which is the most amazing organization.  So watch the video above to see why you should help us … Continue reading

Accessibility First Look: Zombie Solitaire

Hello Ability Powered gamers!  This week we are looking at a fun solitaire game I picked up during one of the infamous steam sales.  It is called Zombie Solitaire.  In Zombie Solitaire people are transformed into zombies after eating tofu burgers.  Lucky for you, your dad left you a map … Continue reading

Chicken Shoot 2 Accessibility First Look

Hello Ability Powered Gamers!  We recently checked out a game on Steam called Chicken Shoot 2.  Now I have mixed reviews on this one.  I started having issues with the Steam version as soon as I launched the game.  It starts in fullscreen mode and asks for your product code.  … Continue reading

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